How to Get Panda App Cloner on Your iPhone?

Panda App Cloner is installing multiple duplicate Apps on your iPhone, such as duplicate WhatsApp, duplicate Facebook, duplicate Spotify++, and other Apps and games.
Some people will have more than one SNS account. If only one WhatsApp is installed on the iPhone. Then it will be troublesome to switch accounts. You need to go to the account setting in the app, log out, and then switch to the existing account. If the iPhone has duplex apps, such as two WhatsApp installed, one App login to one account will be convenient for the user.

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Panda App Cloner is a database of all well-known apps, allowing users to download as many copies of the app as they want. These copies can exist on the same iPhone simultaneously as the version downloaded from the App Store.
Separating work and private life is essential for a peaceful life, and Panda App Cloner users can easily do this as they can use multiple accounts of the same app on one phone.
That’s fantastic! With the best clone apps for iOS, you can enjoy multiple accounts of the same app on your iPhone/iPad and clone apps just like Android users, even without jailbreaking your device.

Panda App Cloner is a feature in Panda Helper Vip that can help you install multiple copies of apps on your iOS device. So you need to be a Panda Helper Vip user before using it to duplicate apps. Then you can download clone apps without another tool from Panda Helper Vip. Maybe you have known it, and Panda Helper Vip is a paid enhancement to panda Helper.
Panda Helper is an app store similar to AppStore, offering different apps and games for iOS users. Unlike AppStore, it provides free paid apps. In addition, the app has a massive database of hacked apps, and the top apps are available for free. You don’t need a jailbreak or even an Apple ID to download and install apps and games from Panda Helper.

Panda Helper provides this feature. The name is App Cloner, which means clone or duplicates any App you want on iOS .

Open Safari and go to Panda Helper’s official website to download Panda Helper VIP.

Click the “ Download ” button, and choose one of the clone Apps ( Clone1, Clone2, Clone3 ) .Next, you will see a pop-up tip on your màn hình hiển thị if you want to tải về the second App, Cloner WhatsApp ( Clone2 ). It means you have a WhatsApp copy in your “ Downloaded ” list, the first App Cloner WhatsApp ( Clone1 ) IPA you just downloaded. So you need to click “ Re-download ” to continue downloading the second App Cloner WhatsApp ( Clone2 ) IPA .If you also want to install one more App Cloner WhatsApp ( Clone3 ), please repeat step 4 .Then, you will find that you got 3 WhatsApp clone copies on your phone. If you have more than 4 WhatsApp accounts, you can also tải về other modified versions such as WhatsApp Watusi, WhatsApp Watusi + +, or WhatsApp Bussiness so that you can log in to more WhatsApp accounts on the same phone .Here is a video tutorial that shows you how to duplicate Apps on iOS, using the game Township Hack as an example :

Apart from this, Panda App Cloner also can clone apps for games, such as:

Final Words

How to Get Panda App Cloner on Your iPhone?

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