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After you sign the release version of your app, the next step is to upload it to Google Play to inspect, test, and publish your app. Before you get started, you must meet the following requirements :

  • If you haven’t already done so, enroll in Play App Signing, which is the mandatory way to
    upload and sign all new apps since August 2021.
  • Ensure that your app meets Google Play’s size requirements.
    Google Play supports compressed app downloads of 150 MB or
    less. To learn more, read
    Compressed download size restriction.

After you’ve met the requirements above, upload your app to the Play Console .
This page also describes how you can test and update your app bundle after it’s been uploaded .

Inspect APKs using bundle explorer

If you upload your app as an Android App Bundle, the Play
Console automatically generates split APKs and multi-APKs for all device
configurations your app supports. In the Play Console, you can use the app
bundle explorer to see all APK artifacts that Google Play generates, inspect
data such as supported devices and APK size savings, and download generated APKs
to deploy and test locally.

To learn more about bundle explorer, see the Play Console help topic Inspect app versions with the app bundle explorer .

Test your app internally

There are several ways to share your app internally for testing:

  • Upload and distribute your app internally using Firebase App
  • Upload and distribute your app internally using Play Console’s internal app
    sharing tool.

Each of these offers slightly different benefits, so use the one that works best
for your team.

  • Firebase app distribution lets you deploy any kind of build and distribute it to a list of users. This can be. good way of distributing builds from a continuous integration system so that testers can access specific builds for testing .
  • Play console internal track is faster to deploy compared to the alpha or beta tracks and gives you access to services such as Subscriptions, In-App purchases, and ads. This also goes through Play Console signing and shrinking so is the closest to what is distributed to end users through the play store. Is is possible to defer the Play Store review until later to avoid having to wait for review to complete. However, the review is required before you can fully distribute your app to end-users vai the Play Store .

To update your app after you upload it to the Play Console, you need to increase the version code included in the base module, then build and upload a new app bundle. Google Play then generates updated APKs with new version codes and serves them to users as needed .

Upload your app to the Play Console | Android Studio | Android Developers

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